My Sweet Request

As I mentioned about a month ago, during my fasting I kept buying chocolate because Meiji had those special wrapping entitled “my sweet request” for my favourite chocolate bars.

As you can see on the outside, there is a picture of something people may want, and on the inside of the wrapper, there is written a “sweet request”. There were in total 36 different wrappers for the hi-milk, standard, and bitter chocolate bars, but since I don’t eat the latter, I did not buy any of them except for a single one that said “I would like to live with a cute cat.” Yeah, definitely true that one!

meiji hi milk chocolate

It took me a while to gather all 12 different requests on the red Hi-Milk Meiji chocolates, and it took me yet more time to eat all that chocolate to find out what the sweet requests actually were (no cheating allowed!) Here they are – can you guess to which wrapping they belong?

  • I want to take photos inside the Hiroichi flower garden that continues to the Ikedaira line.
  • I want weird T-shirts.
  • My dream is to live in a house with a pool.
  • If you only had one day off, where would you like to go?
  • Would you like to have a relaxing chat at afternoon tea?
  • I want to become a person who looks good with a trendy tote bag.
  • I would like to live with a stuffed toy that is more merry than myself.
  • I have a stiff shoulder – I’m glad if somebody has a look at it.
  • Everything is fine, so I’m waiting for the best thing in the world.
  • I want you to invite me on a date where we go to a concert where we have to dress up.
  • I want to squeeze a cute dog.
  • I will cry for joy when I can go and see the big baobab trees.

One thought on “My Sweet Request”

  1. You could have given the bitter chocolate to me and kept the wrappers… XD
    Fun idea, though… people like to collect things – I am sure Meiji had a sales spike during that period. 🙂

    off to work for the last time before going to Japan… waku waku…

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