Flags of Austria and JapanI had a great Saturday – I went to a small city near Nara to pick tea – right until the moment when I came home late at night and decided to check emails and news online. And what news there were!

Austria’s vice-chancellor had just resigned over what is now known as #ibizagate – just look it up. Finally there was something grave enough even he couldn’t just shrug it off (although he and his party definitely tried and keep trying!)

So, in light of the developments, I spent the night watching Austrian news and reading live tickers about the affair while drinking a bottle of my favourite Austrian wine. (Now that I think of it, I always drink that wine when there’s something political going on in Austria… hmmm…) Rinse and repeat on Sunday and Monday, and i would have done the same today had it not been for several appointments.

As you might guess, I’m a bit preoccupied with Austrian politics at the moment. It has already been decided that we’ll have new elections in September. It can only go uphill from there!

One thought on “Preoccupied”

  1. Guess what everyone is talking about here? All day, every day. My facebook feed is full of memes. So is my whatsapp. XD
    Not sure if you have seen this before, but I found this a very good analysis of Kurz’s speech…
    Honestly, when they said that experts would fill in for the resigned ministers, I thought “Well, maybe we finally get someone who knows what they are doing.” :’D

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