My Writing

My love of writing is second only to my love of books. I’ve always had great fun making up stories, and when I was in high school, I even wanted to become a journalist… Life took another turn, but after moving to Japan, I went back to writing in a sense. First here on this blog and a bit later for my work, in particular for What’s up in Kyoto.

In the meanwhile, I started writing for my own pleasure as well, from short random thoughts to essays and the occasional short story.

Some of my writing that doesn’t really fit on this blog can be found on my Medium page.

Recently, I have decided to try and get some of my pieces (traditionally) published. Here are the fruits of these efforts.

Chapters in Books/Anthologies

Traditionally Published

Because I Loved Him

Sada Abe was trying to escape a life as a prostitute when she met Kichizo Ishida. Their steamy affair ended when she murdered him in his sleep, and she cut off his penis as a keepsake. She spent six years in prison and upon release found herself a celebrity in 20th century Japan. This is her story.

essay, 2021
published in: The Best New True Crime Stories: Crimes of Passion, Obsession & Revenge, Mango
longer summary is here

Austria’s Most Wanted: 27 Years and Counting

In 1987, Tibor Foco was convicted of the murder of Elfriede Hochgatter one year prior. Eight years later, in 1995, while on the way to a university lecture, Tibor managed to escape his police escort and has been missing since. His spectacular escape and the many legitimate questions as to his guilt have been captivating peoples’ imaginations to this day. This is the story of Austrias longest missing fugitive.

essay, 2022
published in:The Best New True Crime Stories: Unsolved Crimes & Mysteries, Mango
longer summary is here

Writers in Kyoto Anthologies

The Forbidden Garden

Cover of Writers in Kyoto Anthology, Vol. 3

While taking a stroll around Kyoto, I came across a large stone wall surrounding a private garden. A gardener let me in, and we explored the garden together…

essay, 2019
published in Encounters With Kyoto, Writers in Kyoto Anthology #3

The Revived Waterway

One of my favourite places in Kyoto is Keage Incline, the Kyoto end of Lake Biwa Canal beginning in Otsu. This short piece explores the canal’s history from its building in the early Meiji era to its decline after WWII and its revival a few years ago.

essay, 2023
published in The Nature of Kyoto, Writers in Kyoto Anthology #5