Since my boxes have arrived on Friday morning, I have been unpacking and cleaning and sorting and putting away my things. I am exhausted! And I don’t even think I have that much stuff – it seems there will be quite some empty space left in the kitchen cabinets for example.

However, my apartment still looks messy, with piles of clothes in my bedroom and random ornaments on the floor in my living room, etc. Just passing from one room to another and looking at all of it makes me tired. So far, the only room without piles of anything is my office, but that’s mainly because I haven’t tackled any of the boxes containing office stuff, documents, or books. Those are essentially all the remaining boxes, and they will take quite a while to sort through, I’m sure.

Hence, I have decided that I deserve a break. First I will clean a bit more and put away some more stuff, but later in the evening I will go to the sento nearby and have a really good scrub and a long and really hot bath. I’m looking forward to this! Kinosaki onsen in 1910Current number of boxes left: 11