ice cream dishWhen I came to Kyoto in 2013, I found a little cafe in town, and I visit it quite regularly. I especially enjoy this one because they have great ice cream, and the staff are extremely friendly. By now they know me and I can go there and write for hours without being bothered. Usually I go on Wednesday afternoon when I have no other appointments; it is quiet there, and I sit in a little niche upstairs. The last time I was there, before summer, there were some renovations going on, so this was not possible.

I should have investigated further then already, because when I came there today again after a break over summer, I stood, not in front of my cafe, but in front of a newly opened pancake house! I was shocked – no more ice cream! And when the youngster in charge told my they didn’t serve hot chocolate either, I turned on my heels immediately. Of course he had no clue what happened to my cafe…

Thankfully, since this is a Kyoto based company, there is another branch of my cafe in town, and although a bit inconveniently situated, I went there for today’s hot chocolate and ice cream fix. There I learned that the other branch had not closed completely, but just moved to a shopping arcade nearby the old place, and that they had severely downsized. I can only assume that the rent of the old place had been too expensive over time, thus the move.

Personally I am not sure whether this was a good idea, as the new location seems to me less busy than the old one, at least during the week. Oh well, as long as there will be a place for me to go with a free seat for me, it will be okay.