It was a very busy day today, and it’s not yet finished. This morning, at 9 am, the 42 boxes containing all my life so far have been delivered, finally! Everything went smoothly, both guys from the moving crew were very courteous and spoke good English, and although they had a hard time hauling all my books into the 5th floor (remember, no elevator!) all was said and done within two hours, including already unpacking some of the boxes – the large ones in the right hand back corner – you see here:

my moving boxesSince then I have been unpacking with more or less enthusiasm. At first I stood before that mountain and thought: oh my, where to start… but then I remembered that “one box at a time” would be a good approach, and I have been at it ever since. So far, I have already regretted one choice I made when packing two years ago – I could have brought my whole wine collection, the import fee was negligible – and I was already surprised about one or two others – what’s with the cowhide?

However, as I have focused so far on unpacking the boxes with bedding, linens, and clothing, the big surprises and possible disappointments will come once I arrive at the boxes labeled “misc household”… It is very interesting to see all my clothing together on one big pile – all those T-shirts! – and I am actually making a point and an inventory list to curb further shopping sprees, hopefully.

Once my inventory is finished, I may post some of the more interesting numbers here, but for today, only the most important one: 27. That’s the number of boxes still unopened as for now, although I may get to empty one or two more tonight. I’ll update you with the numbers in the next few posts.

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    1. Well, technically the boxes came from Germany, but yes, there was a lot of stuff from the family home in Austria in them as well. I’m still not done sorting although my place is looking better, slowly…

      pdf? What a sacrilege! You probably own one of those e-readers too… Who the heck are you – none of my nerdy friends would dare say anything like that! 😉

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