2nd kyu!

soroban 2nd kyu results and 1st kyu booksLast Saturday was my latest soroban exam – and I passed it!

I am now a sorobanista of 2nd kyu rank, and, according to my friend, this is not very common anymore. In the old days, if you wanted to have certain positions, especially in the government, you needed a 3rd kyu soroban grade, but obviously not many people went beyond that.

Although I made lots of mistakes in the trial tests I took just before the exam, I did quite well during the exam itself. I think there may be even room for further improvement, which in this case simply means a further speed-up. Hence, I am considering taking the exam for first kyu at the next possible date, which is in two months. It is unlikely that I will pass then, but as the next level exam will not be at my school anymore but at some outside venue, I better check out the new setting before attempting the next level in earnest.

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