Today, I had the follow-up of my hospital visit from two weeks ago. And, to spare you the suspense: everything turned out just fine. There are no cancer markers, and I don’t even need regular follow-ups besides what’s considered normal at my age. Phew.

This time, I’m happy to relate that I had an appointment and only needed to wait for 30 minutes, which is perfectly within the range of “normal”.

I also noticed the last few times I visited Kyoto University Hospital that they must have changed their payment processing. It now only takes a couple of minutes before the notification of the amount you have to pay is coming. I wrote about a standard hospital visit as an outpatient many years ago, and besides getting streamlined here and there, it hasn’t changed much. A description of what is going on as an inpatient will have to wait. Not that I’m eager to experience that, mind you…

2 thoughts on “Relieved”

  1. 🥳 that’s good news. 🤗

    I know a lot of people postponed visits and procedures during covid but now things have been “normal” for a while again, so maybe that backlog has been cleared and waiting times are back to normal. 🤔

    1. Yes, thank goodness!

      No, my usual doctor over at endocrinology told me that the waiting time at gyn is always atrociously long. And there are only four or five examination rooms (endocrinology has 15 or so) – and we’re talking about 50% of the population here. It is possible that most women go to smaller hospitals though – I have seen quite a few – so maybe there’s really not that much demand, comparatively?

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