The other day, I had to go to my quarterly thyroid checkup. While there, I told my doctor about some irregular periods I have been experiencing recently, and he persuaded me to go over to gynaecology right away and have it looked at.

After waiting for five hours (sure, I didn’t have an appointment, but that is excessive) I was told that there was a thickening – a cyst – in a small part of my endometrium (aka uterine lining). A sample was taken, and the biopsy results will be ready in 2 weeks.

It’s most likely benign. The gynaecologist says so. My other doctor says so. After consulting Wikipedia, I think so, too. Yet, I’m suitably worried. Well, if push comes to shove, and I do need an operation, I can tell you all about the in-patient care at Kyoto University Hospital…

2 thoughts on “Worrisome?”

  1. Hope it turns out to be benign, but yeah, they are very common and often go undetected. Irregular periods could also just be the age and you just happend to have a cyst. It sucks that biopsies always take so long. Sending hugs.

    1. Thanks, Julia!
      Well, I thought about the age thing too, but shouldn’t the pace go down, rather than increase?
      Anyway, one more week or so to the results.

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