Summer is Coming

It seems as if I can finally store away my winter sweaters. Despite a few setbacks, it is now warm enough for t-shirts, even in my office. As I’ve mentioned, my office is the coldest room in the house, today, it was 4 degrees cooler than my bedroom directly upstairs. Upstairs is generally warmer, being under the roof and all, and you can really feel the change in temperature when you’re walking up and down the stairs.

Pumpkin also notices the change in weather, he doesn’t want to sleep in my bed anymore. He still likes to be in the bedroom at night, but he now chooses to sleep next to the bed. As long as I know where he is, I don’t mind, after all, he is a typical cat and during the night always morphs towards the middle of the bed somehow.

There’s not much news otherwise, besides me being busy. My visa is up for renewal again, I have sent all the documents to my lawyer, but we’re waiting for a last tax receipt to arrive. A friend of mine is in the country somewhere and is contemplating visiting Kyoto too, possibly next week. And there’s an upcoming Bati-Holic concert at the end of the month that I’m very much looking forward to!

2 thoughts on “Summer is Coming”

  1. Summer. 🥶 Here we were moving towards winter again for like a week. So currently everyone is complaining about the cold weather. But wait 2 weeks or so and everyone will be complaining about it being too hot. 🤣

    Hope the nice weather lasts for a while for you. But I fear, rainy season is already peaking around the corner. 😅

    1. If there’s nothing else to complain about – there’s always the weather. 😉
      Next week looks great here, up to 30 degrees!

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