Finishing Stages

It seems that my office will be finished this week Friday, with only a minor delay!

Monday and yesterday, the decorator was at the house to finish the walls. They are gleaming with the white wall covering my architect suggested. Outside the office, there is also new wallpaper now, but this one looks more artificial somehow. That’s probably because I have the old, real walls right next and on top of them, so the difference is quite visible. But overall, everything looks neat and clean.

Today, I was very happy I could leave the house. My office floor was installed – vinyl boards that are glued to the wood flooring underneath. And that glue… oh my, what a stink! Even though the window and the entrance door were open, and the worker had brought a large fan, the smell of the glue had reached the last bits of the house in less than 30 minutes. Ugh. I wonder if the guy can still smell it, though – he was happily glueing away with just a standard face mask everybody else is wearing right now…

My contractor has informed me that tomorrow the outside wall will be painted to match the rest of the house, and on Friday I’ll get light switches, power outlets and the LED tracks. So yes, as far as I’m concerned, everything will be said and done this Friday. Except for the door to the oshi-ire, but that’s a relatively minor thing, and may be done much faster than I thought as well.

I’m still working in internet cafés, but if my own internet is indeed coming tomorrow, this will be the last day. At least I know now where to go if staying at home all the time is getting too annoying.

Although, to be fair, I can do a lot of people watching here. And some of the characters who come here are quite interesting. There are the students who sit on the long tables and do homework in the afternoon. The one weird guy in the green jumper who comes at noon and takes several hours to read a single newspaper.

And yesterday, there was an enormous lady who came just a few minutes after me when they opened, plopped down on a chair nearby, plugged in her mobile to watch a film or whatever – and didn’t move anymore all day. She did fall asleep around noon – I could hear her snore – but that was the only change I noticed until she left at 15:30, maybe. Fascinating; people are so strange. I noticed that we do share a liking for Meiji hi-milk chocolate (the one with the red pack), so she’s probably okay after all.

That’s it for today, I guess my next post will actually happen from my own home, if not from my own office. So exciting!