One More Update

Wow, time’s flying… mostly away from me, sadly… So, here’s a little update:

Work rested last Friday and Saturday. Apparently the extra time needed to remove the walls killed our schedule – which I don’t really understand, because at least the opening of the oshi-ire was planned from the beginning?

So I took a weekend offline and spent half of Saturday and Sunday in bed. The other half I spent on buying LEDs and other lamps for the house. They will be delivered next week on Monday, no idea what takes them so long.

And yesterday, I tackled my books, or rather: My library to be. I wouldn’t say that I have too many books – because there is no such thing, it’s like saying that you have too much money – but I definitely have my fair share… And it took me all but 6 hours to empty 7 boxes with just books…

That leaves another 12 boxes with documents and other things that will have to go to the office or be stored elsewhere. Scholarly habits die hard… But I feel that I am getting somewhere! My kitchen is entirely box-free, if not yet fitting the strict description of “tidy”.

My toolbox has surfaced, which will help tremendously once I tackle the bathroom cabinet. Of course, I’ll need a cordless screwdriver because I simply don’t have enough power to remove all those rusty screws. I have planned a further shopping trip for Wednesday, work permitting.

And on Thursday morning, I should be getting internet at home! No more internet cafés that close at five… I’ll have to go already! Write to you soon!