Still Busy…

Wow, I’m still swamped with work. A number of new projects that I’m involved in have started and we’re still kind of feeling our way through them. Then I have daily meetings where I have to out of the house *gasp* every day until next Tuesday, which will not help with the workload. And on top of all that are a number of private emails I have to answer and most of them are going to be pretty long. How is it that there’s nothing much for weeks and then everything happens at the same time? Standard work conditions for the self-employed I guess.

So, sorry for another super short post where I’m essentially telling you that not much is happening.

But: big things are afoot. Really big things, and I think I’ll be able to share them with you in a couple of weeks, if everything runs smoothly. So, bear with me for a bit longer, please.

2 thoughts on “Still Busy…”

  1. Sounds exciting. I am glad you are doing well. We are in our 4th wave right now, but nothing is slowing down. If anything, things are getting busier and busier. Shops, streets, public transport, … I will genuinely miss the lockdowns… would love to have them again… just without a pandemic. XD
    I always loved the idea of self-employment but I could never cope with the uncertainty of it all. I need to know that I’ll have at least X amount coming in every month. I was already constantly anxious while working as leased personnel (where in theory they could terminate you at any point).
    I hope, whatever big plans you are currently working on, work out great. 🙂
    And if I am lucky, I might be back in Japan next spring. <3

    1. Well, since I’m working from home, I don’t go out much anyway. No lockdown needed, I’m a veritable hermit already.
      Being self-employed is not for people who value security. I love the (relative) freedom it provides, but last year, I wanted nothing more than a regular paycheck…

      I’d love to see you back in Japan next year! But I’m not sure if luck has anything to do with it – for now, the borders remain closed to pretty much everybody. Unless you’re an athlete or something. How fast can you ride a bicycle? 😉

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