I love Japan!

It seems that the troubles with Covid 19 are not over yet, and as I said in my last post, the state of emergency has just been extended until March 7.

I know that many people had to or chose to leave Japan, some for good. Since I don’t have close family anymore, the thought has never crossed my mind. And even though Japan is not an easy place to live for foreigners, I still love the country. And yet, after all the years I’ve lived here, I cannot tell you what it is exactly that I find so irresistable about it.

Below is a lovely video showing aerial videos of Japan, mostly of the big cities. I can recognise the main station of Nagoya (the largest in all Japan) and that of Kyoto (the second largest). Kyoto’s former Imperial Palace also features prominently, and there is a short shot of Nijo Castle. I don’t know Tokyo well enough to know where this was taken, but the Sky Tree is unmistakable (I love it!). And there’s a short view of Tokyo Tower at the end.

I hope you enjoy that video as much as I do!