Not My Day…

Have you ever had one of those days that go all wrong from the start?

seiko alarm clockWhen I still had a job that forced me out of the house each morning, such days would inevitably start with my trying to brush my teeth with my face cream. Or to moisturise with my toothpaste. (In my defense: Similar sized tubes standing next to each other. Plus: I’m not a morning person.)

Unfortunately, there are no such simple indicators anymore since now I work from home and often sit in front of my computer already before I think of hygiene. Therefore, I had no clue whatsoever that last Thursday would turn into one of these “I should have gone right back to bed” days.

It started mid morning when I wanted another cup of tea and wondered where all those bread crumbs on my kitchen floor had come from. And why some of them where moving. On closer inspection these turned out to be insect eggs/pupae the size and color of sesame, and some of them had already turned into tiny white larvae.

Thankfully, they were all concentrated around the garbage bin, so I cleaned out the lower kitchen cabinets (more eggs), swept up about a handful of insects-to-be and threw the whole mess out. To date, no further wrigglies to be found, but the whole operation cost me half an hour on a day where I had already several appointments.

The first meeting was rather uneventful, except for the fact that I had ordered hot fruit tea (or so I thought) and was served an iced soda. Nice, tasty and very fruity indeed, but not quite what I wanted on that rainy day.

Next meeting: rehab for my hip pain. The clinic has changed their mode of working, so it’s 40 minutes of manual therapy followed by two or three exercises of five minutes each. Already the first excercise – a stretching of the left hip muscle – was too much for my ancient jeans. They promptly tore at a very improper place and exposed about 20 cm of my inner thigh. No more exercise after that!

However, one more meeting to go, so I had to rush home, and get changed into something less revealing. At which point I found out that I was not only out of jeans, but out of any kind of pants that were both fitting me (thanks Corona!) and suitable for the current season. All I had were thin summery pants and thick woolen ones for mid winter. I did find some sort of workaround though (don’t ask…) and off I went for my last meeting of the day.

I made it just in time and ordered a glass of orange juice. When the staff put the glass in front of me, it was cracked halfway through. Thankfully I noticed it before I left the counter, and I got fresh juice in a new glass without charge. Other than that, this meeting was uneventful as well.

Finally, upon return to my part of town, I went to Uniqlo to shop for pants. It was exactly the painful experience I try to avoid – which is how I came to be pantless in the first place. Having more curves than the standard Japanese girl makes shopping extra difficult, even if the sizes as such appear to be the right ones – I still can’t get the pants to fit over my hips. Anyway, in the end I could find two that fit me rather well and I went home, well, not happy as such, but content.

Mostly content with the fact that the day was over and I could finally close the door behind me and hide under my covers.

2 thoughts on “Not My Day…”

  1. First time I went to the OBGYN, I didn’t have to undress, but was put on that chair with your legs up for an ultrasound. My jeans, too, were old (hand-me-downs from my brother) and apparently had worn right through at the crotch… I was 16. I felt like dying out of embarrassment… XD

    On another note: I was surprised you are wearing normal clothing to a physio appointment. Here usually people wear sports clothes, because of the range of movement needed. Not sure I even own jeans that would allow me to fully stretch… 😀

    On yet another note: I love uniqlo. They have a range of clothes that come with cups already in the clothes which means no bra necessary… Never tried their pants (I am way too tall) but the skirts are great… layered and with pockets. And since Japanese are not overly keen on extremely figure hugging clothing, they fit over our broader hips just fine. 😀

    1. Oh how embarrasing! I myself have produced a whole slew of perfectly fine jeans with holes at the crotch from bicycling.

      As for the clothing: When I started out with the physio, I asked about exercise clothing, and I was told “oh no, it’s fine”. I guess part of the problem is that they don’t have a private space for patients to change. Most of the time is spent on manual therapy – like a very deep massage if that makes sense – by the therapist anyway, and that was the first stretching exercise I had to do. Often I just sit on an exercise bike or do stuff to strengthen my muscles.

      I dislike skirts, and I’m not desperate enough to wear those just yet. 😉 Besides, winter is coming and skirts are coooold, especially on the bicycle.

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