Thanks, Shinzo!

It’s almost scary to realise that we’ve been living with Corona / Covid19 for about half a year now! And sadly, things are not getting much better yet. It seems that some countries stand at the beginning of a second wave, and it’s just been discovered that there’s no long lasting immunity against the virus either. Yes, it seems indeed that this one is here to stay…

Japanese currencyFor now, governments in many states give financial aid to businesses and sometimes even to private citizens to ease the burden. For my company, I am eligible for financial aid since my income for May 2020 has dropped by more than 50% compared to May 2019. My accountant is currently busy with the paperwork, although it seems that there are not that many documents necessary in the first place.

And for me as a private person, I already received the 100,000 yen that Shinzo Abe has promised for everybody living in Japan. And I’m already spending it, too. There are a few things I need, but nothing really substantial: A pair of light summer slippers that I can wear on the bicycle (meaning: no sandals). A new backpack since the one I’m using right now is two years old already and won’t last forever.

And I also bought a very nice and extra warm duvet for winter, stuffed with real sheep’s wool. I’ve been looking at this one since last winter, but couldn’t make up my mind to buy it. Now that that shop has a grand sale because they will close soon for renovations, I finally bought it last week – for 30% off and with the government’s money to boot. Hey, thanks, Shinzo! 

Other than this, I have no big spending plans. Except… well, Shinzo’s money won’t cover all of that… You see, I’m looking into something really big right now. It’s too early for details, but I’ll keep you posted, promised!

2 thoughts on “Thanks, Shinzo!”

  1. Really big… huh? Are we talking real estate? O.O

    Will you be making use of the Go To campaign? Seems like a good deal. 🙂

    1. 😉

      I’m not sure if I want to Go To. From what I understand, it seems to be coupled with making the reservation through JTB (because the honcho there is a friend of Shinzo’s, wouldn’t you have guessed) and going through a travel agency often makes things more expensive to begin with. On the other hand, there are a few places I would love to see, and it’s not as if work is super busy right now. I’ll have to check how long the campaign lasts though. A little bit of snow in Hokkaido in the winter…

      Or Hakone. My goodness, an onsen in Hakone!!

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