Not much has happened this week that is worth writing about unfortunately – or should I say: luckily, given the state the world is in right now? So, I’ll give a brief overview of my plans for the weekend.

Tomorrow, I’ll take a day off, mostly because I have physiotherapy for my hip in the morning, and I’m in more pain than usual for the rest of the day. I have been fairly good in keeping up with my exercises though, so overall the pain has reduced. It’s still not good if I walk too long or too far, but I’m doing better, thankfully.

In the afternoon, I want to go see a free Noh play/lecture about Noh. I still love Noh and I would love to go more often if it weren’t quite that expensive. So I’m grateful for any free or cheap possibilities to see a play. In this case, it will be just a short one-hour affair, so I guess it is just a short excerpt anyway. Plus, it is held in Murin-an, a lovely garden with beautiful villa that is wonderful in all seasons, but especially in autumn. A friend of mine will come along, even though Noh is not her thing, really. But since it is completely free for her (I have to pay entrance to the garden) and it’s nearby her house and it’s just an hour, and we wanted to meet anyway… she relented and will come with me.

Murin-an in summer

What I will do the rest of the weekend is not certain yet – except that I’ll probably work one day of it. The cherries are not yet at their peak, and besides, I already have a hanami appointment with a friend next Wednesday. Many fun events have been cancelled, but there’s the possibility of simply using my one-year ticket to the botanical gardens. and seeing how far the cherry blossoms are along there.

We’ll see… I shall report 😉