Sending Opportunities

About a year back or so, Meiji Chocolate had a special wrapping for all their chocolate bars. They called it “My Sweet Request” and I made a point of collecting all 12 wrappings for the HiMilk chocolate that I usually eat.

Apparently, it was a success, because this year again, we got special wrappings for dark, milk and high milk chocolates. This year the theme can be translated as “Send this and an opportunity is born…” And yes, I did indeed sacrificed myself to find out what that means and what it says inside each of the wrappers. Here is a picture of all 12 of them, and below I’ll post the hidden messages. Have fun finding out where they belong!

12 Meiji Himilk Chocolate Bars "Opportunities"

  • To whom is your red thread connected?
  • Did you know there is an island full of rabbits? I want to go see them!
  • I want to be cured… I want to be cured… Don’t you want to be cured a lot?
  • There is an aquarium where you can watch penguins’ walk. Didn’t you walk too far?
  • Tennis, table tennis, golf, basketball, baseball… You can do all of them with your partner.
  • You can do it all on a steep rollercoaster! Take me along!
  • Would you like to go to a place where you sometimes can drink a lot?
  • Why do you want to go to the aquarium so suddenly? Oh, I want to go…
  • The heart of two flamingos is a proof of love. Don’t you think it’s romantic?
  • Do you like surprise presents? Oh, just listen!
  • I was interested in birdwatching. Please tell me your favourite bird.
  • Hey, hey! Is there a red thread?