It finally happened, it’s getting cold again, and I broke down… The Japanese have a fantastic array of special clothing for winter: From special high-tech underwear called “heat tech” to thin down jackets for indoors to fluffy and very kawaii onesies for kids and adults, all of this is designed to keep you warm when you must leave the one and only heated area of the house. And yes, after five years in Japan, I finally bought myself one of these things to keep me warm.

Fluffy boots in pinkIn case you were hoping for a picture of me in one of those pink onesies with bunny-eared hoodie, I have to disappoint you: I didn’t go quite that far. I did go pink though and bought a pair of … let’s call them boots, to keep my feet warm which is really important because I am feeling very uncomfortable – to the point of getting cranky – when I have cold feet (or a cold back, by the way). I agree, these things are not quite as cute as I had hoped for, but as they are made of glorified plastic, aka polyester, they do what I expected of them – keeping my tootsies warm.

I am feeling very Japanese now! Not like a particularly elegant one, mind you, but it is a start!

2 thoughts on “Fluffies”

  1. I am pretty sure I would not survive a Japanese winter… I wear long pants and warm socks at home even in summer… ^^; When I don’t move my body immediately cools down… nice for hot summer nights… less nice for when sitting around in winter…

    1. I feel you… winter is deadly here!
      Somebody once told me that the real problem is that you can’t really warm up thoroughly anywhere. Well, probably in an onsen or a sento, but that’s not a 24/7 option, really…

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