Too Cold

I haven’t complained about the weather in a while, have I? It’s too cold. Way too cold. In September, we should have temperatures in the high twenties, we are about 5 degrees below that. It’s been raining too often, especially in the night, and although tomorrow should be a nice and sunny day, the next typhoon (# 24 this year) will arrive in the weekend already.

raindrops on a windowUnfortunately, weather like this makes me depressed, which is not good at all. During summer, I started to go out once a day in the evening to escape my stuffy apartment; I would just walk along the river, cross at the second bridge and return home. But now, with all the rain I have all but stopped doing that because it’s no fun walking in the rain at the mud path along the river. I really hope this is not a sign of a terribly cold winter. Two months to find out…

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