Advent Calender

As today is the first of December, advent has begun, and it is time for an advent calender. I do the same thing as last year – I draw something to indulge myself every day – so that’s nothing new there.

Sebastian's advent calenderHowever, one of my students from Germany is visiting Japan right now. Apparently, he makes an online “Advent Calender of Curiosities” each year, and this year it’s all about those curious things he found en route in Japan. The doors open daily at midnight (European time) and he already started off with something … oh well, do have a look yourselves!

Unfortunately, the calender entries are in German, but there are pictures to go with the description and if all else fails, there’s always google translate. Enjoy!

(And big thanks to Sebastian for allowing me to link to the calender!)

One thought on “Advent Calender”

  1. I watched something on youtube yesterday about the ABCC11 gene, which is responsible for body odour (or lack thereof). It is also responsible for having wet or dry earwax. And now that topic comes around in this advent calendar… what are the chances? 😉

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