US Elections

I prefer not to write about politics in general, but it’s very hard to ignore the outcome of the latest presidential elections in the USA. No matter what Trump will do, it will affect lots of people worldwide.

I’m more of a liberal myself, European liberal that is, I have no idea why this word is so vilified across the big pond. Live and let live is one of my mottos. My view on the outcome can be explained with a high school image: The Americans wanted the school bully to be the validictorian because they didn’t like the girl who had worked hard for that honour.

However, I should not indulge too much in Schadenfreude. First, because this will affect lots of people everywhere, as I said above. And second, because it is not impossible that we’ll have a similar bully as our own president in Austria within a few weeks…


Does anybody know whether this Mars mission is still looking for astronauts?

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  1. I made the mistake of reading some of the reader comments on Austrian newspaper sites… do you think, Japan might grant me political refugee status? o_o

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