I have become very picky with respect to the things that enter my home. Some things you need, and others you want, but I try to buy the best in any case. However, for me the best does not necessarily mean the most expensive, but rather the ones I find perfect. Sometimes this means that I will not rather not buy anything that is merely nice, even if I have to wait much longer for the perfect thing.

As you know, my apartment has three washitsu – Japanese style rooms – with tatami flooring. And my plan was to furnish two of them – my bedroom and my living room – in Japanese style. I already showed you my bedroom, but my living room is still not finished – and I have been living here for more than one and a half year now (wow!).

Yesterday, I got one step closer to the perfect living room: I finally bought a low table for it. It is an antique about 100 years old, with nice legs, and although it is rather simple in style, the grain on the top is exquisite. I wanted something like this because I wanted the colours in the room to blend nicely into each other. Japanese people don’t find this so important apparently, but for me it is.

Low table in my living roomOne step closer, but I am still not finished. Like in my bedroom, the lamps are not good in the living room (actually, there are no lamps at all right now), and I will need to buy zabuton floor cushions to make sitting at the table more comfortable. This sounds like an easy thing, but who knows how long this is going to take…