My bathroom consists of three consecutive rooms. You enter though the middle one; to one side there’s the toilet and to the other there’s the actual shower/bathroom. The middle room is rather small, I’d guess about 3 square metres max. And it is almost filled with my washing machine and the wash basin. The latter is contained in a shelving unit that also has a mirror, but altogether storage space is scarce in my bathroom.

Since I still consider myself a nerd, I don’t have many bathroom utensils and different types of shampoo etc. for each day or a variety of cremes and soaps or so. My routine in the morning takes 20 minutes including showering, any longer and I would consider it as a problem. Anyway, ever since I got my things from Germany, my bathroom utensils have been stored in a large box on top of my washing machine. Until last Saturday, when I finally got fed up about that.

I decided to install one more shelf underneath the wash basin, and I was hoping that this would give me enough space to finally put all my stuff away. I measured the space underneath the wash basin very carefully – there were pipes at the back I needed to take into account – and with the resulting piece of carton I went to my nearest D2 home depot store to have a piece of mdf cut to size.

Well, no such luck. This particular D2 does not do any cutting, neither of wood nor of other things. And the other D2 stores around town who actually do the cutting, can only cut straight lines, which is not really useful in my case. Okay, so I finally decided to buy the piece of 5 mm thick mdf and a coping saw and do the sawing myself.

shelfYou can see the result here. Yes, admittedly, the cuts are a bit wobbly, but it was my first time with such a saw, and overall I did well I think. I did not bother sanding the cuts since there are no splinters. Also, nobody will ever see this (except for you, of course), and I take a lot of pride in the fact that when this extra shelf was finally put in place, it fit perfectly.

My bathroom utensils also fit perfectly; ever single piece is now stored underneath the sink in the bathroom. It may sound a bit odd, but without the box on top of my washing machine, the room looks much bigger now!