After a very hot day that had me once again run (or rather: bike) from one appointment to the next, I came home quite tired. However, in the evening, I was treated to a wonderful split sunset. Usually, there are two types of sunsets in Kyoto: either the colorful ones in dark red, bright orange or yellow, or a very soft pink, or the ones that show a silvery blue sky, often lined with dark grey clouds.

Today was different: The sky towards the south was gleaming in a bright orange-yellow, whereas the northern half was covered in clouds and mist and showed different shades of blue. It almost seemed as if it was raining in that particular part of town, but I am not sure. In any case, when I looked towards the east, the hills and rooftops there were bathed in a soft pink color for a short time, something I had never noticed before.

I took pictures of course, but I had forgotten to change the settings of my camera after the night photos of the daimonji last week, so they did not turn out very well, unfortunately. However, I have plenty of old sunset pictures, so I’ll show you this one again, all in orange: orange sunset