There are elections again in Austria. This time it’s the presidential elections and they will take place on April 24th. There are six candidates for the post and I am eager to cast my vote. Hence, I have applied for an absentee ballot, which I have received today.

Of course, just like last time, the documents came too late to send them to the embassy which would take care of them, so I had to send them back to Austria myself per express mail service – and pay myself for the privilege. At least, if there is a second round of voting, I already received the documents for that one, so my vote will definitely be on time then.

Anyway, that’s not what I wanted to talk about. The documents I received were in a rather sorry state. Obviously, somewhere on the journey from Austria, the letter became wet and although dry by the time it ended up in my mailbox, it looked the part inside and out…

What I found very nice was the extra sticker the post office at Haneda airport put on the envelope, apologising for the state of the letter. Essentially it says:

Post office apology letterThis item was already received wet at East Kawasaki Post Office. We do not know how this happened. We did dry the item but we deeply (!) apologize that we have to send you your valuable letter in such a state.

At least I know now why the documents came that late. In any case, they are already back on their way to Austria. Let’s hope for the best for the elections…