current view out of my windowRenovations on my apartment complex are progressing. Right now, the walls and balconies on the south side are being painted. This has two major drawbacks: One, that I cannot open any windows since the paint has a very unpleasant smell. And two, that my view has deteriorated even further: My windows and doors are covered with plastic, partially to prevent them from getting (too) dirty, and partially to prevent me from venturing out onto the balcony. The painting is scheduled for all week, so with a bit of luck everything should be over by Saturday.

2 thoughts on “Sealed”

  1. Hey! That looks really neat!
    As you always mention that you are not fond of spiders or moths, this sealing must be perfect for you! It keeps away any sort of bugs from your flat, you don’t even need a mosquito screen! Y u no enjoy this setting? 😉
    Think positive! ;-P

    1. I am feeling greatly honoured that you are spending your sarcastic 5 minutes of the day to grace my blog with a comment. 😛

      Unfortunately, you are not quite right as to the efficiency of the seal – I have found a few months in my bedroom already… I have cleaned my closet and did the yearly poison attack on my tatami, so let’s hope the disaster will pass me by this year.

      At least, work on the larger southern balcony is already finished, so I can go use it again – and keep the windows open. Next week they will tackle the north balcony.

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