As I have been very tired and thus very unmotivated the last few days, I could only do a few little things here and there.

One of them was the translation of my so far only English company homepage into German and Japanese. While I am quite confident about the German one, I will have to ask a friend of mine to check the Japanese translation before I put it online. There is nothing more off-putting for a potential client than a homepage riddled with errors – and as I want to appeal to the Japanese in their own language, I better go and make an effort.

Another thing I have been trying to do is to find an accountant to help me with company taxes and related work. Obviously I will need somebody who is capable of speaking English, but it appears to be very difficult to find somebody here in Kyoto. My lawyer has brought me in contact with a company in Tokyo, but I am not sure whether they are a good fit: Although all their accountants are bilingual (their boss is a British expat), this is a rather large company and thus seems to be a bit too inflexible for a tiny one like mine. The sales representative I talked to on the phone was a nice enough guy, but he tried to sell me all sorts of things which I am not sure I’ll need, at least not as long as I am a one-woman show only. Besides, all the paperwork will need to be sent back-and-forth, and if there is ever a problem that needs solving face to face, I will have to go to Tokyo, which is not really optimal.

Antique Cash Register from HungarySo, I have now sent inquiries to a company in Osaka and another one in Kyoto; both seem to be smaller in size themselves and may be more happy to work with somebody who promises only a small revenue for the time being. So far, I have not heard anything back from either of them, despite the fact that they state on their homepages that they can deal with English-speaking clients. Maybe they are still trying to gauge how much English they will need when working with me?

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  1. I just had a look at your company website but I haven’t found the German translation yet…
    BTW there is a free yahoogroup for foreign women in Japan with more than 1,000 members. There are women who send messages like “looking for English speaking accountant in Kansai area” and they usually get good answers. There is also a group for foreign women in Kyoto founded 4 years ago by a Finnish woman that meets up once a month (on Sat afternoon) at Kyoto station (9th floor Isetan building, Kyoto Prefectural International Center, KPIC).

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