It was dark when I came home the other day. I went straight to my office and turned on the lights. As I did so, something brown moved in the top corner opposite the door, and it terrified me for a split second (I might even have shrieked a little) and the thought flashed through my mind: My goodness, a spider – and a large one, like those in the old house… Half a second later my brain gave the all-clear: Relax, it’s just a gecko!

A gecko on a window pane, viewed from underneathI like geckos, they have such intelligent faces, but I still prefer them outside. Thankfully, he panicked just as I had done and moved down to the floor. Once I got him to untangle from the cables underneath my desk, he swiftly moved on to the livingroom where he settled in a corner on the floor. Hoping he would stay there for a  moment or two, I fetched a tissue, picked him up and with an “it was nice, but please don’t call again” I finally put him out on the balcony.

It is a bit unclear how he could have come into the apartment. Although I have my windows open now, it’s just those parts that have a screen, and he could not have come in there. However, I had done some laundry that day and put it out on the balcony to dry. When I brought in the laundry again, I left the screen open for a while – I guess the little gecko slipped in then. They are very fast indeed, and I wonder when I would have noticed him had he not chosen such an obvious spot in my office as his hunting ground…

Curious what animals can make it to the 5th floor. As long as it’s geckos I don’t mind, and I like the birds perched on my balcony in the morning. Spiders would me more of an issue, and I am terrified of cockroaches finding their way into my kitchen. Since that evening, whenever I turn on the lights in a room, I carefully check the walls and ceiling for intruders of the animal kingdom. Let’s hope there will be no further surprises…

2 thoughts on “Visitor”

  1. Hi Iris,
    I should have known your excellent blog before, at least I’m glad I got to know it yesterday (it was nice seeing you again!). When my husband and our son will travel by JR Pass I’ll have more time to read here.
    A gecko in the house, phew! I’d have shrieked a little, too, hehe.
    I wish you wholeheartedly to become rich and famous – you deserve it! 🙂
    You go, girl!

    1. Thanks Anne, I’m glad you enjoy the show 😉
      As for rich and famous, well… still working on that one.

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