sleeping cat at Toshogu ShrineWow, today was a busy day. I had three different appointments in different parts of the city, something I don’t really enjoy doing, partly because I don’t like to see so many people in one day, and partly because I don’t like rushing from one place to another.

In the morning, I had my German-Japanese tandem meeting. It still goes well after more than a year, but I think my Japanese friend is a better student than I am. Today I had a list of things I wanted to ask him – about an advertisement for a sports club nearby and some very specialised vocabulary for my upcoming shopping trip – and we had an interesting misunderstanding about the German word “zu” which often has the meaning of “to” in English (zu tun means to do), but sometimes is also used as a prefix (as in zuhoeren – listen or zusehen – watch). I’m glad we could clear that up in the end.

Afterwards I took the subway to Kyoto station, where Yodobashi Camera is located. I needed a case for the hard drive I had removed from my old laptop, and although I thought I had chosen the correct one (a SATA) there seems to be a tiny variation in the pins that I could not account for. Thus the disk cannot be connected to the case, which means I will have to go back to Yodobashi tomorrow and try to find another one.

Then, I had a very quick lunch with sandwiches from a convenience store and after I had finished, I went to an appointment with another friend of mine. She is a very nice Japanese lady, and although long retired, she has the energy of a teenager. Talking with her – both in English and Japanese – is lots of fun, even if the topic does not centre around men…

2 thoughts on “Tired”

  1. “… but I think my Japanese friend is a better student than I am.”
    > I am pretty sure that he/she has a better teacher 😉

    1. Thanks Mahdi, you are very sweet! I think the reason is that he is less lazy than I am 😉
      I really need to get my head down and study Japanese seriously again, there was so much to do the last half year, but there will always be a lot to do once I get the company running…

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