It was indeed snowing yesterday morning, and it did so until the early afternoon, just as predicted, although not quite as much as I hoped for. Apparently, it was snowing much more in the North of Kyoto (about 30 cm) and there were 2 m of snow in Hokkaido – well, that’s what I call a decent amount! Anyway, here’s a photo, shot straight out of my window:

Snowy view from my windowBy now, it’s not as cold anymore, so instead of snow we are getting rain, which I find rather more depressing, although it’s the same water…

Today, I decided to check out the market for rental apartments and houses. I had already made out a small rental agency not far from my place, and I had made an appointment to come this afternoon and visit a few places. I have always lived in a house as a child, and still, this is what I’m leaning towards. Here in Kyoto, you can either rent an old house or a new apartment for essentially the same price, and as I always loved old houses anyway… They had this lovely old house on their webpage, although not in this area; it was a fairly big, traditional Japanese house with a small garden in front and a larger garden in the back, with a gorgeous old-fashioned entrance gate… It was a bit expensive, but I had set my mind on it and at least wanted to see it.

Unfortunately, somebody had snapped it up just the day before… So, no new old house for me just yet. The agent said that right now it’s not a good month to move, as there are not that many properties around. He asked me if I could wait until January and he promised that there would be more rentals – especially traditional houses – available.

Well, the kids downstairs are behaving a bit better right now – they don’t seem to leave their own rooms much anymore, I guess it’s too cold for them – so I can probably survive another month in the house. I really want to have my own place by the beginning of February though, I hope everything will work out.