It was very cold today. Although it was sunny throughout the day, the temperatures did not rise much beyond 4 degrees, the wind was so heavy. The house is old and the windows don’t close properly, and together with the cracks in my walls, it is rather draughty in my room.

So, I have rearranged my little bit of furniture a little, essentially I have put my table away from the window and in front of my futon, so I can sit all day in front of my computer wrapped into my futon, and thus stay warm. This is what I did all through last winter, I hope it will work a second time. I have also placed the little electric heater on top of the table so my hands will stay warm while typing. It’s an experiment, I’m not sure it will work.

today's weather forecastIn the north-western parts of Japan it is snowing. It is very early this winter, but the forecast for tomorrow is predicting snow also for Kyoto. On the one hand I know that it will become very, very cold in the house, but on the other hand, I prefer a winter – especially around Christmas – with snow. I have already set my alarm clock for 7 in the morning tomorrow, just in case everything will be white and I’ll need to go out and shoot pictures. And maybe build a snowman.

Say hello to my inner child… And wish me luck!