exhibition postcard/posterOne of my housemates, who has been living in Japan for about 5 years now, has studied photography. Although he does in Japan what most English natives do here – teaching English – he never stopped taking photos.

And now, he has his first exhibition! It is a very small one, in a cafe not far from the imperial palace. A friend of mine and I went there today to see it, and although it has only a few photos in black and white, they are all beautiful – and, just as he promised, you’ll have to think about them a bit and to engage with them somehow.

Here is his webpage, if you are interested in seeing his (other) pictures – check out the links to Facebook and to his blog: http://white-rice.co.uk/ If you are in Kyoto and interested in seeing the exhibition “Souls Perceived”, it is in the Cafe Kamogamo, and will be held until August 4th.