I have been out and about 3 days in a row, which I try to avoid.

Monday I went to the beautiful machiya with the samurai doll exhibition. Yesterday, I decided on the spot to visit my favourite temple in Kyoto. It takes about an hour from my place walking along the river, and as the weather was so nice I felt like going out and soaking up the sun. It turned out not to be the best of all my ideas though – it was still a holiday and the temple was too busy for my taste, I prefer it much more quiet (after all, it is a zen temple…) And today, I spent another two hours walking along the river (other direction though) and when I came home at 2:30 pm after five hours out, I was exhausted. Also, my legs hurt…

It seems that I feel the effects of a sedentary winter spent wrapped in blankets on the futon in front of my computer (not to talk of my eyesight which also seems to deteriorate because of that…) Oh well, I wanted to pick up my aikido training again anyway…

The reason for going out today was to pick up the last bits and pieces of missing paperwork for my visa application. I brought them to the immigration’s office immediately – and now all there is for me to do in that respect is to wait… I may have mentioned that before, but patience is not my forte. They should be relatively quick though and take not (much) more than two weeks for their decision.

Wish me luck!

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