I went down to Kamogawa today. It is lined with cherry trees, they are in full bloom now, and I wanted to do my own little hanami. Hence, I bought, quite traditionally, O-nigiri, and also, quite modern, some cream-filled waffles. I sat down on a good spot to enjoy the view and started eating.

When I had arrived at dessert and just contemplated the second bite, all of a sudden and literally out of the blue, something came from the right, snatched the waffle out of my hand and disappeared again. Within a single blink of my eyes, my fingers were smeared with cream, but empty, and it took another blink for my mind to even form the question “What…??” It happened that quickly, I didn’t even see the eagle.eagle in flightOnly when I looked around and saw two of them fighting for their “prey” did I realize what had just happened. I could feel the talons, but I don’t have a single scratch, so craftyly did he pick the little sweet from my hand. They are indeed amazing animals.

On a hunting related note: A UN court has recently ruled that the Japanese must give up whaling. Despite the international moratorium they so far used the “science” loophole to keep it up, and that although everybody knew the truth – whalemeat could openly be bought in many places. Now, however, Japan has agreed to abide by the court’s ruling, which I find quite astonishing to be honest. A good day for the whales!

Edit: A falconer I know has pointed out that the birds in question are not eagles, but kites, most likely Black Kites. Thanks for the info! Obviously I don’t know much about birds – but the fact that it was not an eagle who stole my desert does not in the least diminish my fascination with the animals…