First Month

Today is June 5th, that means I have been here in Kyoto for a whole month already – it certainly didn’t feel that long! So far I have enjoyed myself tremendously. In the last month I have

  • visited two shrines, two food markets, one temple, one flea market, one matsuri
  • walked along most of the river several times
  • ate numerous take out menus, o-nigiri and three avocados with soy sauce
  • participated in one rather dangerous nomi-hodai event (all you can drink) with sake and beer
  • met around ten new people – both gaijin and Japanese
  • taken around 1000 pictures, most of them at the Aoi matsuri
  • had two sunburns and got soaking wet with the rain once

Now it’s time to finish vacation and get a bit more serious about this thing though. To be honest, I would like to drift a bit longer and see where this is taking me, but unfortunately – control freak me – I am a bit worried not to get out of this mode anymore. Also, what if the authorities don’t let me into Japan after so many short-term tourist visas – that would be my biggest nightmare!

So, I have started a new online Japanese course and sent out my CV a couple of times. I have also bitten the bullet and actually asked some friends for help (I’m so proud!) with the job hunting.

Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “First Month”

  1. Wow, really already a month! Same as with my new job, although less exciting.

    What kind of Jobs do you apply for? Anyway, I wish you to find a pleasant one soon and start to establish your new live.

    1. Right, one month over for you too – congrats! 😉

      Once I have a job, I’ll post details here. Until then – better not jinx it…

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