Summer Time…

It’s still raining almost every day, but nevertheless, it’s summer time. In other words: cockroach time…

Last week I caught two adults in my livingroom’s oshiire closet, and I thought that would be it for a while. Until a bit earlier tonight I found the huge mother-of-all-roaches and chased her through the kitchen. I need to buy more bug spray, just in case the monster spiders make a re-appearance as well…

In other, work-related news: I am now officially on social media. On X (formerly known as twitter), to be precise. The reason is that many opportunities for writers are not only announced on X, but also require you to “simply dm me for details or to pitch”. Of course, I’ve had an account there for What’s up in Kyoto for years, but I felt it would be a bit weird to use it for unrelated writing work. Thankfully, of all the social media, I find X the least intrusive wrt privacy, so here we’ll go. I already started off with a photo of Pumpkin, who knows where this will end.

Yes, I know what you think – next thing she’ll tell us is that she actually got a mobile phone… Well, I am indeed contemplating that one too…

One thought on “Summer Time…”

  1. Wait… hold the presses… Twitter and potentially a mobile phone (maybe even a smart one)? 😱 Who are you and what have you done with my friend? 🤣

    That mobile phone might come in handy, though, when I am back in Kyoto at the end of October again. 👀
    (I’ll send you an e-mail in the next couple of weeks with more details. ;))

    Enjoy your concert!!!
    (Unfortunately, their concert dates never align with my travels. Would be fun to join you for one of their concerts some day. 🥺)

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