Japanese Fruit Sandwich

Ever since the Earl of Sandwich started to put cold cuts between two slices of bread, the idea has spread all over the world and spawned myriads of variations. From the standard BLT, tuna & mayo, and cheese & ham sandwich to the clubhouse and croque-monsieur, I’m guessing that everybody has a very special and very individual favourite.

Enter the Japanese, ever so creative, always looking for the ultimate improvement to making something yet more “oishii”. Behold the unique Japanese fruit sandwich:

It consists of standard, non-toasted sandwich bread, with a thin layer of custard and a thick layer of whipped cream. Embedded in the slightly sweetened cream are various types of fruit. This particular one included pieces of strawberries, kiwi, pineapple, orange, and even mango. Interestingly, it’s not overly sweet, and it’s best eaten straight out of the fridge. A perfect pick-me-up to get out of the daily afternoon slump, and best combined with iced matcha or coffee.

2 thoughts on “Japanese Fruit Sandwich”

  1. Glad you enjoy them, but it’s a big NOPE from me. I have issues with food consistency and that sandwich basically combines everything I don’t want in food. 🤣

    How did the JLPT go? 👀

    1. Well, it’s not my most favourite food either, but it was definitely worth a try. And if you’re in desperate need of sweets…

      JLPT went fine I guess. I only struggled with 2-3 questions per part (which may not mean much), but I got a bit flustered in the final listening section. Overall, it should be fine, though. Results some time in February.

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