It must be the garden. Or just the fact that I’m now living on ground floor. I’m getting much more visitors of the crawly, unwanted kind than ever.

I suspect there is a whole cockroach colony living behind my kitchen cabinets. Besides putting up traps and keeping the kitchen as clean as possible, there is not much I can do about them. Pumpkin is used to have his nibbles over night (especially in summer, he ate mostly then). So, essentially, I’m feeding not just him, but the cockroaches too. Let me know if you have ideas.

Ants are also attracted to Pumpkin’s food dish, but they are relatively easy to get rid of. A bit of insect spray on their path, and they won’t return. For the most part, they stay in the garden anyway.

I have no idea how the spiders enter the house, though. Attracted to the light, they magically appear in the evenings. The little jumping spiders, no bigger than 2 cm, are cute, and I try to catch them in a tissue and put them outside. But there are others…

One night, I found a brown hunting spider the size of my palm perched on the inside (!) of the fly screen in the toilet. I carefully closed the window, and after a couple of days, it was gone – outside, hopefully. A few days later, when I went to bed, there was an even larger spider sitting on the door to the library. Pumpkin scared it off – or maybe it was my screeching? It was enormous, leg span around 20 cm, the size of my spread hand, and as it escaped over the tatami, it resembled the “Thing” from the Addams Family. I could even hear its footsteps.

So, instead of going to bed, I picked up the insect spray from the kitchen, then huddled on the top end of my futon, waiting. Three hours later, the spider re-emerged and nonchalantly placed itself on the wall less than a meter from my head. It eyed me with curiosity (obviously planning on how to eat all that.) I still shudder thinking about what happened next, so let’s just say my insect spray and I prevailed in the end. Let’s hope it didn’t install its family inside the house.

But not all the visitors are bad. I’ve seen geckos climbing fly screens and windows to hunt. The little fella here has greeted Pumpkin and me on our morning walk in the garden for the last couple of days. I wouldn’t mind if they were to bring their families!

5 thoughts on “Visitors”

  1. Fumigation. A few of those anti-cockroach smoke bombs with adequate timing in between (2-3 weeks?) should get rid of your problem… until the new bug family moves in.
    Also: covering drains, plugging the AC outlet (if you have AC), etc.
    There are also things you can spray around the perimeter of your home that should prevent them from entering… but it needs to be reapplied.
    There are also sprays to treat risky areas such as below the sink or behind the fridge. Needs to be reapplied regularly as well.
    And apparently ブラックキャップ works really well against cockroaches…
    I hope, you never have to deal with a mukade… 😱

    1. Thank you for the tips and the video link. It looks to me as if she’s starting out with a new or at least empty house which makes things easier. I am worried a little about Pumpkin. I’d like to avoid using anything that could harm him – he has his nose much closer to the ground than I do, and he’s curious too…

      Anyway, about the mukade – been there, done that. They don’t scare me at all. I mean, I do find them icky, but enough tissue does solve the problem. I found two early this year (in my bedroom too!) but none so far. Then again, who knows what comes out of the dark when I’m asleep…

      1. Are you sure, you don’t confuse them with the gejigeji? Those are harmless… (and I think they eat cockroaches)
        I would not touch mukade with tissues… 😱

        1. Mukade, definitely. It’s not just one tissue, it’s many. And it’s only to transport them to the toilet…
          I hear mukade are notoriously hard to kill, so that seems like a good option to me.

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