Close Corona

Today, one of my English students cancelled his class – he caught the Corona. He now has to stay home for 10 days and take care of himself. Don’t worry, the chances that I’ll get sick too – from him at least – are minimal, since we only meet every 2 weeks, and he was just fine the last time.

After one of my Austrian friends who caught the virus in 2020 already, this is only the second person I know, personally, who has been infected. To be fair, my circle of friends is rather limited.

Still, I can see why people are not worried much anymore if infections don’t happen to their own family or friends. Heck, I’m not worried at all, either. After two years of this, there’s only so much you can do, really.

2 thoughts on “Close Corona”

  1. After not knowing anyone for 2 years, it has now been catching up with my circle of acquaintances and colleagues. The skiing season is upon us. But everyone I know has had 3 shots and has only developed mild symptoms.
    I am still being cautious making sure I get tested before I meet people and we are still completely working from home. However, I am slightly more optimistic that the virus will no longer interrupt normal life as much as it has in the last couple of years.
    Not as optimistic about being able to come to Japan this year, though. It does not seem likely Japan will open up in time for me to travel in late March/early April. 🙁

    1. I agree, unless there’s another variant down the line that’s more deadly than everything we’ve seen before, I think what we’re seeing is the end of the tunnel, and not a freight train heading for us.

      As for Japan, well, you might just be lucky. For now it’s still closed borders and quarantine and all, but maybe they decide to let the whole world enjoy Hanami this year? Just make sure to keep in the loop and to make a fast booking if necessary. 😉

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