Hip Issues Resolved, Kinda

I guess it’s time to give you an update on my hip issues… Over the last 18 months, my condition has improved greatly, and although I will probably never be completely pain free again, I can now walk longer stretches without too much discomfort on most days. Therefore, my doctor and I have decided to end the physiotherapy and I only need to see him again if and when the pain increases again. Yay!

Somehow, I have the impression he’s not completely happy with that though. He started seriously talking about getting me a hip replacement, which greatly surprised me. First of all, shouldn’t we have talked about that before all the therapy sessions? Second, I feel way too young for this, we can revisit that one in 40 years or so. Hence, I declined.

Then he suggested monthly drug injections directly into the joint to more or less lubricate the joint and thus increase mobility. The thought alone makes me shiver with pain, so I declined again. While I do have some problems putting on my socks on my left foot (at my age, how embarrasing!), I’m pretty sure this can be fixed with regular stretching and exercise. So, he’s out of luck overall – for now. Let’s hope things don’t go downhill again any time soon…

Anyway, the day after my doctor’s appointment, I bought a little gift for my physiotherapist. She’s very young still, just out of school, and mentioned that she goes to Starbucks regularly in the weekends to study. Well, she won’t have to spend her own money for a while. Sadly, even if I do have to return for more therapy, I will probably not work with her again. She’s moving to a different part of the clinic and will work with inpatients only. I hope things will work out well for her – and for me too!