We’ve just had a nice long weekend with Monday and Tuesday two holidays in a row. Since the weather was great, I took some time to cycle around and visit a few new places or just explore the back roads. I also did a lot of reading (a friend of mine just sent me her new book) and I caught up with some things household related. So, mostly, I stayed at home.

It seems that most people in the neighborhood did the same. And unfortunately, with all the windows open at this time of the year, you hear more from your neighbors than you might want to…

In the opposite building, there is a family where I sometimes see the husband hanging up the laundry on the balcony. Personally, I think it’s great when a man does his bit in the household, but I digress. Sadly, in the last time, I can hear them fight more often. I mean, I can hear him scream on the top of his lungs, he seems to be very angry. It’s way too fast for me to understand, but it does scare me, and I’m happy he is out of throwing distance from me…

Which leads to a certain dilemma: Do I say anything? And if so, to whom?

To him? Even though we are “neighbors”, I have never met him. And starting your very first conversation with a “oh, you’re the one screaming last Sunday morning…” is not the best idea.

To somebody else in the house? First of all, I am sure the others have heard something as well. But, I once said something when a burglar alarm went off in the middle of the day, and I was assured that it was nothing…

To the police? Well, it’s not as if I could tell them what is being said, the only thing I ever understood was “shigoto desu – it’s work”. Hmmm… now that I write this down, maybe his wife suspects that he has an affair?

So yes, even if you want to do the right thing, it is not always so clear what that would be, really…

2 thoughts on “Domestic”

  1. Generally, Japanese stay out of other people’s business… even when they know something is going on… 🙁
    If you ever feel someone is in danger, pls do call the police, even if it ends up being embarrassing… if you can help someone by being a nosy gaijin, then so be it. 😉
    or if you ever get the chance to talk to the wife, ask her if she needs help or that she can come to you or something…

    1. I think most people prefer to stay out of other’s business. 😉

      It’s not as if something’s going on every day, but I do notice it more often now. Either it’s a coincidence, or it’s because the windows stay open in this fine weather. And who knows, he might just scream at his daughter, which doesn’t make things better but is understandable – she’s a teenager… We’ve had serious fights when I was that age too – with the difference that I screamed back. 😉

      But yes, if I ever have the impression that there’s real danger, a phone call it will be no matter what others might think about me.

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