Relief (?)

Eight more days to go here – if everything goes according to plan. I can tell you that although I’m an introvert, not going out for anything more than shopping is becoming difficult. I guess I’m just not the kind of person I’d like to spend a lot of time with…

Also, even though I’m not the most active of all people, I notice that this forced inactivity is taking its toll, physically. It’s all that sitting in front of the laptop that’s not doing me any good. My hip is more painful than ever and I’m now walking with a noticeable limp. Even though my physiotherapist – I saw her this morning – says things may get even worse, I think she is dissatisfied with my progress.

However, we have agreed that cycling is good for me, so in the afternoon I went out to take a few photos for tomorrow’s facebook post. I went along the river and there were many people with small kids, but I wouldn’t call it busy. Streets are still very quiet, but then again, I was in a rather residential area to begin with.

Many shops are closed, but toilet paper is back! And while I still didn’t get any of the face masks prime minister Abe has promised to send me, I could buy some at the hospital where I have my therapy. Or rather: I was forced to buy some because without a mask they wouldn’t have let me in at all this morning.

Other states deal with the crisis in different ways. In Austria, the lockdown will end on May 1st, but people will still have to keep their distance in public. On the other hand, a friend who’s in Hawaii at the moment tells me that the government there has extended the lockdown until the end of May…

Anyway, no matter where you live and try to get through all this, a bit of comic relief is always a good idea. You probably know these videos already, but since they are so hilarious, I’ll share them here regardless:

2 thoughts on “Relief (?)”

  1. I was worried my backpain would return from less moving but I was lucky to have a treadmill, a rowing machine and a Nintendo Switch with Ring Fit Adventure. Living in the city, with all the larger parks closed, meant walking on pavement, looking at pavement, nothing but pavement. Not very enticing. But apart from 2 days where I was down with fever, I managed to get my 10k+ steps done while watching the news, etc. or playing a game. Some people (*cough* *cough*) might even have been on the treadmill while having a virtual company meeting… 😀

    Hope you get your hip pain under control. 🙁 Have you though about a stationary bike if biking helps? Since you live in a residential area, there’ll probably be one of those recycling shops (リサイクル / 中古) nearby and they might have a second hand one for cheap… although, they might be closed, right now… 🙁

    1. I’m glad you found a way to keep active!

      As for a stationary bike, I’m sure there are plenty used ones out there, but it’s a space issue. Besides, we are allowed to go out, and right now the weather is fantastic, so it’s great to bike around in the rather empty Kyoto. 😉

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