It’s December – time for Christmas cards (all sent already!) and presents (some bought) and nengajo (working on these) and bonenkai year-end parties. I have two this year, one next weekend from my soroban class and the other one for Writers in Kyoto was last Sunday.

We met in an Irish Pub and besides the usual food and drink (Fish’n’Chips! Cider! Baileys!) we provided our own entertainment. Of all the members present, 12 had prepared to read from their works (of course) or made brand new poetry or stories. One of the members played shakuhachi (probably a good idea to ask him when I want to start classes officially) and another one played saxophone.

It was a nice and relaxing meeting and some of the people I had already met back in June during the launch of our anthology. I’m looking forward to next year and I hope I’ll have more time to go to events and meetups.

In case you’re a bit more curious about the bonenkai, I’ve been asked to write a report for our website, see the link above. I hope I’ll have it ready in a day or two.