Takoyaki Bar

takoyaki ready to eatLast night, friends of mine came over for dinner – we went out to a noodle place – and afterwards, we tried out a new bar just around the corner of my place. It’s part bar, part takoyaki place, run by two friendly guys. We didn’t eat there, so I can’t say how good the takoyaki are, but the sake I had was plentiful and excellent… Definitely a place to go back to – especially since it’s non-smoking, which is rare in bars here.

It was nice to see my friend again. In fact, we lived together in the old house near Yoshida shrine. This time, she came with her twin brother to show him around her old haunts. It was nice to catch up, and she renewed her invitation for me to visit her in France.

More friends to come… I am happy to go out a bit and try new places with them. With or without huge glasses of sake. 😉

4 thoughts on “Takoyaki Bar”

  1. Non-smoking, sake, takoyaki, friendly proprietors – sounds good! Does it have a name, or are you keeping it all to yourself? ?

    1. It’s a bit tricky… On the one hand, you’d like to keep your favourite haunts to yourself. On the other, you want them to stay in business.

      Oh well… It’s called the “Kawatako” 川蛸 and as far as I can see, if you enter the Kanji into google maps, you’re set. It’s a bit out of the way though, in a residential area; and it’s open from 5 pm to midnight. Closed on Mondays.

      Oh, did I mention they have Makkoli too… 😉

      1. Thanks for sharing that, Iris. I promise not to tell a soul. (I don’t think I’ve ever had makkoli, so I’ll have to try that….)

        My favourite bar in the entire universe is called Sake Bar YORAMU (in case you’re ever just thirsty). ?

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