Cool Days

I don’t know where you are living, but I have the feeling that it’s much cooler than usual in Kyoto. Right now, the tsuyu rainy season should be starting with lots of rain that drives up the humidity, and at the end of it, it should be almost unbearably hot.

But, nothing of the sort, for the time being at least. Although it is pretty overcast, there is not much rain and definitely not the downpour we should be having. Temperatures are in the usual range just below 30 degrees, but in the nights it cools down pleasantly. Humidity is okay, you only sweat when you’re actually moving, so that’s definitely good.

raindrops on a windowI usually don’t think much of these things because it’s easy to fall into the “last year everything was different” trap, and it’s not as if I keep track of the weather over the years. But today, my Japanese teacher mentioned that it was rather cool outside for the season, and I was happy to agree with him.

In fact, I have the feeling that the whole year is a bit “later” than usual, starting with the sakura already. Of course, there is always some sort of variation to weather phenomena, so that’s nothing unusual. Still it seems as if global warming is creeping up on us, even here in Japan…

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  1. Well… I had 2 very hot days in Sapporo… apparently the hottest they have ever been for that time of the year… (
    and according to my teacher there, temperatures have been rising in recent years… less snow, shorter winters, hotter & longer summers… hot enough for people to start installing ACs in their homes and not just relying on fans… o.o over any given year, temperatures tend to level out, so I guess, if Hokkaido is hot, Kyoto can be cool… XD Ying-Yang and all that…

    and apparently I side-stepped an early heatwave in Austria… my apartment currently has 28 °C which is a temperature it usually only reaches in the height of summer… it’s even more humid atm than it was in Japan… -.-

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