Sorry for not writing in the weekend, I’m pretty swamped with work right now (more smartphone descriptions) and I need to watch my priorities…Things should be better next week, I hope!

Other businesses are swamped with work as well, in particular Kyoto’s builders have their hands full with repairing the damages from typhoon Jebi from September 4th. For example, Kurama in the northern part of Kyoto is still not accessible by railway, and I have heard that the temple in the mountains there has suffered severe damage. Here in town, things are ever so slowly improving. Only yesterday, the roof on the neighboring building that had been closed with a plastic tarp and a bit of duct tape has been fixed.

raindrops on a windowOther things that are less critical will have to wait. For example, in my building, there is something wrong with the drain pipe at the building entrance. The water does not drain through the pipe anymore, but it accumulates somewhere and finally seeps through the walls. This has been going on for a couple of months now, it is not related to Jebi. However, there are no builders to be had right now to fix the problem, even though I hope something will be done quickly. Just the thought of having to replace the whole roof there because there is more serious underlying damage annoys me. I have talked to several people in the house, and I have been assured that the property management is aware of the issue and has taken steps – even if that step means that we will have to wait until somebody is not busy elsewhere anymore. We’ll see how long it will take in the end.