I haven’t mentioned it in a while, but I am still interested in buying a house, eventually. A house with a garden, that is, because that’s how I grew up and that’s how I think people should live.

So, I am checking all the advertisements for housing that are put into my mailbox very carefully. And this is what I got last week or so:

2 million apartmentNot a house, an apartment with not even 90 square meters. (And they may be counting the balcony with that.) It has only two independent rooms, but the living room and dining room (the LD in the picture) is a whooping 40 square metres or thereabouts. I looked up the area in which this apartment is, and yes, it is a very nice and quiet one – opposite of the building is a row of temples with lush green gardens in summer (and many tourists as well I guess).

All in all not too bad, except for the price: 2 million. Not Japanese Yen – we’re talking about 2 million EUR, more or less, including all the fees and taxes and whatnot. And I’m wondering: WHO ON EARTH does have so much money? For an apartment that is 10 years old and shows the typical Japanese “long and thin” layout. Well, at least, here, all the rooms have a window, even though the second one could have been made larger by moving the toilet further down… It seems that Japanese apartments are all the same – not suitable for (western style) habitation.