The Kyotogram situation is worse than I thought. Today, we were to meet the boss to sign the termination of our contract by the end of May. It turned out that not only the Kyotogram project will be shut down, but that the whole Kyoto office will close!

All of the projects initiated in Kyoto will be terminated, and the department will move back to Osaka headquarters by mid June. Everybody heard only this morning, so people in the office were in shock. At least nobody of them will lose their job, and it seems that they will remain one department and keep working together, on whatever new projects.

Japanese currencyWhile this hurts, from a business perspective it does make sense. Apparently the Kyoto branch office was opened two years ago, and after this time you should start seeing some sort of (minimal) profit. According to the head of Kyoto office “the numbers were good, but the profit was not”. Nowadays it seems that companies are (or must be?) much less patient when waiting for a profit, so I am not surprised that they do that. I did not know that the whole branch – which had initiated a number of new projects – had not made enough profit to keep itself going, but I am relieved to see that the failure with the Kyozutsumi was not the main reason for the shutdown.

Anyway, back to square one: I need to find something to make up the loss of that income, the faster, the better…

2 thoughts on “Shocked!”

  1. I am holding all the thumbs I have and keeping the rest of my fingers crossed that something turns up quickly. Seems the old saying ‘when it rains, it pours’ holds true. 🙁

    Hope there are still some Austrian goodies left to give you a bit of homely comfort. 🙂

    1. Thank you – let’s hope for the best! 😉

      I have to admit that I ate the last Balisto yesterday or so (I’m so proud they lasted so long ;-)) At the same time, I still have most of the Mohnstrudel – freezing the stuff obviously helps.

      Maybe I should try that with Nutella?

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