March is almost here, and today was a wonderful day that felt like spring, almost. The sun was shining, there were blue skies… but the wind was a bit strong, so my bicycle ride to my afternoon meeting was not quite as pleasant as I had expected. Still, the weather is very nice at the moment, I don’t need my heater that much right now, and I am seriously considering to end my livingroom confinement soon, and moving back to my office and bedroom.

It seems that this year indeed, the cherry blossoms will be a bit earlier, just as predicted. Right now, there is nothing at all to be seen here in Kyoto, of course, but I have found a really lovely picture of Himeiji castle during hanami.

Himeiji Castle during Cherry Blossoms
copyright: Himeiji City

The renovations on Himeiji castle have been finished, so maybe I can make it down there this year. It is said to be the most beautiful castle in all Japan, so I definitely have to go there eventually…

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  1. I was there both times I was in Japan. The first time (2006) it was not yet being renovated, so I could see it in all it’s glory. The second time (2012) it was undergoing renovations – not much to see there.

    If you go, there is also a Japanese garden next to it that I remember being beautiful.

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